2nd MUSE-Tech Workshop

The second MUSE-Tech workshop was help the last 8th of June at Camden BRI facilities, in the framework of the Campden Day 2016. The Campden Day is an open event organized yearly by Campden BRI in order to bring together different actors from the UK and European food industry sector. This year there was a total of 396 attendees from 254 worldwide food companies.

The Campden Day includes different parallel sessions, one of which was the MUSE-Tech workshop entitled “State of the art sensing technologies”. A total of 18 people attend the workshop, including representatives of 7 food industries. The workshop provided the participants with the state of the art of the three sensors developed in the MUSE-Tech project (Quasi Imaging Vis-NIR, Photo-acoustic sensor and Distributed Temperature sensor) and its application in order to improve quality assurance in food industry.

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