Gasera Oy, Finland

Gasera Oy is a university based spin-off company developing cutting edge measuring equipment that enables the reliable analysis of gases, liquids, and solid materials based on PAS (Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy) and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) principles. The aim is to make portable, accurate, highly sensitive and selective measuring devices for extreme conditions. Main application areas are power, energy, environment, medical, security and food sector. All Gasera products meet the high demands of today’s measuring equipment market. Gasera works closely in co-operation with measurement industry, universities, and research centres and offers R&D services for developing novel measurement solutions.

The main role of Gasera is the development of a miniaturized, fast, affordable and flexible sensor for monitoring the volatile critical quality attributes in the three food processing case studies in the project (WP2). The cantilever enhanced photo acoustic scheme will be utilized and further developed for the operation at elevated temperatures, which enables efficient sampling directly in-line from the processes, and in order to connect with compact widely tuneable laser sources. The use of widely tuneable MIR source enables multi-gas analysis and future scalability for the measurement system to be suitable to be modified to match the detection criteria for a variety of different molecules and, eventually, to be re-configured for other sets of volatile quality attributes.