Nilma S.p.a., Italy

Nilma designs and manufactures machineries for the catering sector and the food industry. Nilma combines respect for Italy’s fine food tradition with automated systems specifically designed for the sector. Nilma produces outstanding equipment and solutions, created by exclusive experience and technology, for improving food quality standards with regard to health, nutrition and organoleptic characteristics and reducing consumption and operating costs by optimising efficiency and the working environment.

Nilma participates mainly in WP4 by the development and a manufacturing of a tailor-made model of continuous frying equipment adapted for sensors testing and controlling. NILMA will support IRTA and PTL in adapting the MSD to it and to the existing equipment. Nilma will be involved in a modification of some parts of existing pilot plant at IRTA, it will manufacture special parts and equipment. It will take part in the specification of the proper positioning of the continuous frying equipment and in their industrial design. Nilma will provide assistance in mechanical engineering and in production for partners. It will participate in the dissemination of project outputs.