Pacovské strojírny a.s., Czech Republic

Pacovské strojírny a.s. has more than a centenary tradition. The production schedule of Pacovské strojírny company is various and it is being affected by requirements on the domestic and foreign markets. The nature of the business activity is in stainless premium steel and copper materials. The products find its use especially in the food industry and chemical industry, pharmacy and agriculture. Particularly breweries and distilleries, milk cooling equipment, storage and pressurized vessels and other equipment. An important and traditional part of the production is related with technological equipment for breweries. Along with that Pacovské strojírny covers assemblies, head assemblies, trial operation test and operating stuff’s training. To ensure production the company has good production facilities and skilled personnel. The company works under Certification ISO 9001, TÜV, ASME, Germanischer Lloyd, GO.

Pacovské strojírny participates mainly in WP5 by the development and a manufacturing of a tailor-made model of brewhouse adapted for sensors testing and controlling. Pacovské strojírny will support VUPS and Peacock Technology in adapting the MSD to it and to the existing equipment. Pacovské strojírny will be involved in a modification of some parts of existing pilot plant brewhouses at VUPS, it will manufacture special parts and equipment. It will take part in the specification of the proper positioning of the brewing sensors and in their industrial design. Pacovské strojírny will provide assistance in mechanical engineering and in production for partners. It will participate in the dissemination of project outputs.