Siro Aquilar S.L., Spain

SIRO AGUILAR, S.L. will participate in this proposal with two third parties who will do part of the work: VENTA DE BAÑOS S.L. and IMASDEA, INNOVACIONES Y DESARROLLOS ALIMENTARIOS, S.L. In thirteen years, SIRO AGUILAR, S.L. has become one of the mayor Spanish food companies. Moreover, SIRO AGUILAR, S.L. has an increasing presence within the export market as its products can be found in almost 40 countries worldwide. The company SIRO AGUILAR, S.L., based in Aguilar de Campóo (Palencia, Spain), has two production sites at the town of Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia). VENTA DE BAÑOS S.A. produces snacks and fries using vacuum technologies and has participate in several R&D projects related with vegetal processing such as onions, apples and carrots. Additionally, in order to complete the assigned tasks within this project, SIRO AGUILAR is collaborating with IMASDEA, INNOVACIONES Y DESARROLLOS ALIMENTARIOS,S.L. IMASDEA provides other companies within the group with new developments, research in areas of interest, technical advice.

SIRO AGUILAR, S.L. will give technological support at industrial level for evaluation of the sensor and data management interpretation. Furthermore, SIRO AGUILAR, S.L. will evaluate vis-NIR- multiparametric sensor at industrial scale, evaluate the adaptability of the system to biscuit manufacturing at pilot-scale and industrial scale and evaluate the industrial feasibility of developed technologies (WP8).