The MUSE-Tech project is organized in a total number of 9 Work Packages (WP). The project coordination and management at scientific and financial level will be covered in WP1. The research done in the project is structured in 3 main blocks:


Sensors development and MSD integration (WP2, WP6)

Three sensing technologies will be explored in WP2 (Quasi Imaging Vis-NIR spectroscopy, Photoacoustic spectrometry and Distributed Temperature Sensing). Characteristics of each sensor and their performances will be defined at laboratory scale and further calibrated on the basis of the requirements of the specific case study in WP3, WP4 and WP5. Individual sensors will be integrated in a Multispectral Sensor Device (MSD) which will be based on a flexible plug-in architecture, to accept and process the inputs from other sensors already installed in the process lines. Suitable communication systems and dedicated software will be implemented to support the integration of the MSD with the programmable logic controllers (PLC) of the processing equipment (WP6). Hygienic design and modularity of the device will be taken into account.


MSD calibration in three specific case studies (WP3, WP4, WP5, WP7)

The MSD developed in WP2 will be calibrated and tested at pilot plant scale in three specific food processes:

Predictive models will be developed for each case study (WP7). Auto-adaptive software, integrating data fusion, the predictive models and the operator interface, will be developed to automatically modulate in real-time the key CPPs and to achieve targeted levels for the selected CQAs in the final product.


MSD will be implemented and validated at industrial and pilot plant level (WP8).

The device will be evaluated for its capacity to manage and react in real-time to the variations of the raw material and processing conditions with the aim of optimize quality and chemical safety of the processed foods. Potential application of the MSD in other food processes will also be evaluated (patents).


Dissemination and exploitation activities will be developed in WP9.

 WP overview